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Welcome to our new website design!

Hello, Jumping Monkeys friends! Welcome to our new website look! This is very much a work in progress at the moment and you'll see a number of changes along the way, and updated content. But you'll see that it's already a lot easier to navigate than our previous site, has a cleaner design, and is easier to find and listen to and download our music. If you have any photos or videos you've taken of our shows, I hope to start a category of photos/videos from concert goers and would love to see them! Can be emailed to (or if it's a lot of content, you can email me and we can figure out a better way to transfer, such as dropbox or WeTransfer). If there are certain things you hope to see on this site - song lyrics, etc - I'd love to hear your feedback! So keep checking back for updates, plus all of our upcoming shows will be uploaded shortly. Hooray!!!!

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