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"Katy Perry of the toddler set"

Boston Globe



Academics Choice Award.png

New York City native, Vanessa Trien has been performing music for kids and families for more than a decade with her lively band the Jumping Monkeys. Her music for kids and families has won a NAPPA (National Parenting Publications Association) Award, an Academics' Choice Award, and four Silver Parents' Choice award.


Vanessa packs concert halls, preschool fundraisers and outdoor venues with dancing kids and families. She is known for highly interactive shows, featuring plenty of group singing and movement. One of her most requested songs is "Tickle Monster", has families tip toe-ing around and then, on cue, tickling each other!


In addition to performances, Vanessa also teaches early childhood music in preschool and pre-K classrooms and has taught parent and child group Music Together classes for ten years. Vanessa moved to Boston to attend Harvard's Graduate School for Education and decided to call it home, diving into the Cambridge folk music scene and festival production first, and then embracing with her whole heart the wild and wonderful world of children's music!

"One of the top musicians... in the world of children's music"

The Record-Journal, CT

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