Summer 2015 Here We Come!

Here we are on a hot June day, a time of transition and reflection as one school year ends and the excitement and unknown of the summer begins.  I had another wonderful year teaching eight preschool and pre-K music classes per week for Brookline, MA's Early Education Program (BEEP) and six parent/child music classes per week of Music Together, also in Brookline.  I performed a lot with both the Jumping Monkeys and the Flip Flops (my musical collaboration with Julie Rama Winslow).  I'm now beginning to work with long-time bandmate and friend Adam Michael Rothberg to record a new CD (yay!  About time!) and hunkering down to write a bunch of new material.  Also, with both a heavy heart and excitement for change, I have announced to my Music Together classes that this will be my last semester teacher the Music Together curriculum after ten incredibly rewarding years.  There are many families for whom I have taught not one, not two but three or four of their children over the years, and to say goodbye to such a wonderful era is hard, but I look forward to exploring new musical adventures, so please stay tuned to see what's on the horizon!

I'm also looking ahead to many outdoor summer concerts we have coming up this season, many in the greater Boston area as well as Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland and New York.  So please check the schedule for information on a show near you.  I'm continuing to update the schedule so please keep checking back!  

As my fourth grade son and kindergarten daughter wrap up their school years and get excited for the summer, I too am eager for summer (my favorite season!) so Happy Happy Summer, everyone!  Hope to see you at some shows!

Always feel free to write me at with comments, feedback and questions!!