What Presenters Are Saying...

... About Vanessa's Shows

"Vanessa, your music is not only the most catchy, singable, have-to-dance-to-it music my kids listen to and love, but i MYSELF love the music and am THRILLED to put your CDs on whenever the kids ask (which is daily).  As an adult and a musician, i usually quickly tire of kids' music, but yours is truly in a different league.

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful song-writing and performing talents with children, who deserve good music just as much as adults do, and thank you for putting on such an engaging, high-spirited show.  My daughter danced the whole time!!!
  -- Ana Villalobos, Jewish Preschool of Lexington

"Vanessa Trien is the BEST children's songwriter and performer I've ever found – by far! We have listened to her two CDs in the car – nonstop – for 2 years!!! Her music is fun for both kids and adults, drawing from blues, pop, folk and tropical sounds. Kids are always dancing in the aisles and singing along – the refrains are simple and kid-friendly. Vanessa has taught music at Cambridge Montessori and Music Together, and she has a real connection with kids. And, oh yes, she's a parent of two small children. If you haven't yet heard her in concert (or heard of her), don't miss this opportunity!!!"  
  -- Ellen Schreiber, Organizer of February School Vacation Week Show at the Jewish Preschool of Lexington, Before Vanessa's Show, February 2010

"I can't tell you how great the concert was today. Everyone LOVED it. And especially me – I was singing right along with you the whole time. Seriously, I'd love to book you again, if you're up for it."
  -- Ellen Schreiber, AFTER Vanessa's show, February 2010